GREY BRUCE SOUND is a unique recording studio experience, that offers up and
coming artists to professionals a place to create and develop their music away
from the city and without a big price tag.

Plotted on 68 acres of land it gives the artist a comfortable environment for
the creative process and allows them the freedom to express themselves as
loud as needed without any interruptions.

GBS is the best because our staff is fully trained, certified, experienced and
active in today’s Music Industry. With the combination of Analog and Digital
technology Grey Bruce Sound can complete any project.

In today’s demanding Music Industry GBS offers the skills, talent, technology
and networking to help make your musical dreams come to reality.


Just like Santa we here at Grey Bruce Sound feel like giving in this time of cheer!!
From now untill New Years Eve we are offering discounts on Music Industry Courses and Studio time!

25% Off all course or packages
10% Off all Studio times